Clarifying Cream Directions

Best practice:
Shake before use. The micro-abrasives used in the Clarifying Cream are stable and consistent, giving you the control to adjust the level of surface correction based on pad choice and RPM settings. The Clarifying Cream works best when applied using a dual-action random orbital polisher, but may also be used with a rotary buffer or by hand. As a baseline, start by using a waxing pad to spread a thin layer of product to the surface. With a medium-slow speed setting, work the product into the panel using an overlapping crosshatch pattern. Wipe the surface with a clean microfiber after haze. For more substantial correction, switch to a more aggressive polishing pad and increase the polishing RPM.

Surface correction guidelines:
Moderate correction: Use a correction microfiber or polishing pad with a higher speed setting.

Light correction: Use a light polishing or waxing pad with a medium speed setting.

Swirl correction: Use a waxing pad with a medium-slow speed setting.

Hologram correction: Use a waxing or jeweling pad with a medium-slow speed setting.

By hand: Apply the Clarifying Cream as you would a standard wax cream or paste with a handheld wax applicator or microfiber. The micropolish responds well with hand application. It will remove light swirl and toweling marks, restoring the clarity of the surface finish while adding the long-lasting protection properties of our wax.