Degreaser Directions

Best practice:
Cover surfaces and electrical components that may become damaged from contact with water during the degreasing process. It is advised not to let the Degreaser dry on surfaces. First, if able, rinse areas with water to remove loose debris from the surfaces to be cleaned. Spray the Degreaser onto the soiled surfaces and a detailing brush or damp sponge. Use the detailing brush or sponge to agitate the grime from surfaces and components, applying additional Degreaser as needed during the cleaning process. After degreasing, rinse the surfaces clean with water before drying. Dry the cleaned surfaces as needed with microfiber towels or pressurized air.

The Degreaser is also safe to be used on interior surfaces as needed when diluted to a 10:1 (water : product) ratio. The Detail Firm’s Interior Lather, however, is specifically designed and formulated with a unique chemical structure for the use on interior surfaces and should be used on interior surfaces instead of Degreaser when able. When detailing within the confines of an interior space, it is best to apply the product to the surface utilizing an applicator (detailing brush or sponge) rather than spraying the product directly onto the surface to be cleaned to prevent overspray onto other surrounding surfaces.