Detailer Directions

Best practice: 
Shake before use. For exterior surfaces, the Detailer can be sprayed directly onto the paint, glass, polycarbonate, gel coat, chrome, and other hard surfaces. Spread the Detailer onto the surface using a clean microfiber before dry buffing with a separate clean microfiber. When detailing within the confines of an interior space, it is best to apply the product to the surface utilizing a microfiber rather than spraying the product directly onto the surface to prevent overspray onto the other surrounding surfaces.

TDF Tip:
After rinsing the vehicle clean from washing, mist the Detailer over the wet surface before towel drying to further enhance the vehicle aesthetics.

The Detailer makes an excellent clay lubricant. Spray directly onto surfaces and the clay for slick lubrication. Safe for use with both natural clay bars and synthetic clay technologies.

When polishing, spray the Detailer onto surfaces during the polishing and correcting processes to re-wet and extend the use of polishing cream.