Exterior Lather Directions

Best Practice:
Protect sensitive areas, intake cavities, and electrical components that may become damaged during the exterior vehicle washing process. It is advised not to let the Exterior Lather dry on surfaces. First, rinse areas with water to remove loose debris before washing with Exterior Lather. Use a microfiber towel, wash mitt, sponge, or detailing brush to assist in the decontamination process. After cleaning the vehicle, rinse surfaces clean before drying.

Due to variables associated with wash equipment (water pressure, G.P.M. flow rates, nozzle and jetting sizes, mixing sequences, and water or air assist), the below are just suggestions that should be adjusted depending on desired strength and equipment used.

Foam Cannon:  32oz water : 0.5oz
Air Assisted Foam: 32oz water : 0.25oz
Low-Pressure Sprayer:  8oz water : 0.25oz
Bucket:  5gal water : 0.5oz
Commercial Auto Wash:  With industry-standard load-outs, set jetting equipment for 1800-1850 : 1 ratio or 0.05%-0.06% mixture.

TDF Tip: 
When using spray equipment, mix the wash solution by first filling the solution container with water before adding the Exterior Lather, then lightly shake the container for full mixing. When using bucket system, fill bucket one third with water before adding the Exterior Lather and filling the remainder of the bucket allowing the solution to create a thick lather during final mixing.